January 15, 2013

Caterham launches affordable entry-level kart series

Caterham Motorsport reveals the first details of its unique low-cost, high value karting championship, designed to reinstate karting as an accessible sport in its own right.

Drawing on decades of experience running one-make car racing championships, Caterham Motorsport
will apply similar expertise and regulations to ensure that unsporting conduct is eliminated and the series will be played out on a truly level playing field.

The championship, aimed at a maximum of 120 youngsters aged between 13 and 16 from families who might not have considered karting as an option, will feature a season of six one-day events and, at its heart, the bespoke Caterham-designed kart, developed with simplicity, durability and quality in mind.

For a package price of £4,995+VAT and, with Caterham Motorsport providing technical support for all karts to ensure equality, the series promises unparalleled value for money as well as a uniquely fun experience for racers.

"Caterham Karting will once again make this fantastic sport accessible to everyone, without losing any element of the competition and experience. In fact, with tight regulations and totally transparent, controlled costs, Caterham Karting will simply be the best value, most competitive and most fun karting in the world," said Caterham Group CEO, Tony Fernandes.

"This is not just another new karting championship, this is a revolution in motor racing. Motorsport for all is finally here."

Like Caterham's Academy, the kart series will be open to novices only, providing a full championship platform from which youngsters can either launch a motorsport career or simply enjoy themselves.

The all-inclusive season package includes the ready-to-race kart itself, guidance through the acquisition of your ARKS race licence, a paddock trolley and entry to the six-event season.

Each race event will be held on a single day, further cutting costs and increasing accessibility and will follow a proven car racing format, with practice sessions, qualifying and points-scoring races. Every competitor will be assured of equal track time at each event.

Caterham will provide technical support at all events, which will be held at circuits across the UK, making this a truly nationwide series.

Caterham Motorsport's 'ladder' of one-make series has created some 850 brand new racing drivers in the last 18 years and made the iconic Seven one of the most raced cars around the world.

Caterham Karting also benefits from the vast karting experience of Laura Tillett, who was the first British female to compete in the CIK FIA World Karting Championship and who will be part of the organisational team.


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