April 10, 2013

Giovanni Trapattoni is the new Fiat Professional ambassador for Germany and Austria

Giovanni Trapattoni is the new Fiat Professional ambassador for Germany and Austria. These are two key markets for the brand - it is the first importer of LCVs in Germany with 35,500 new registrations and an 11.8 per cent market share.

Fiat Professional and
Giovanni Trapattoni share the same concept of challenge, leadership and tactics that spurs both to break new ground and excel at all times in their respective fields. Both are symbols of industrial, human and sporting values and both have always represented the positive image of Italy worldwide. The Italian coach is very well known for his matter-of-fact, candid speeches and being down-to-earth is a distinctive trait that he shares with Fiat Professional, a brand which has always been close to workers and businesses.

Having won more than 20 major titles and championships in his career, Giovanni Trapattoni is one of the most successful football club coaches in the world. Similarly, Fiat Professional has proven to be one of the strongest, most determined teams in Europe, with a wide range of vehicles which supply precise solutions to meet the professional transport needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The winning features of all Fiat Professional models include low running costs, good fuel efficiency, low emissions and outstanding reliability, robustness, performance, dynamic behaviour and driving ergonomics.

Currently coaching Ireland, the famous Italian is popular and well-known among German and Austrian football fans. In the past, he coached both FC Bayern Munich, with whom he won the Bundesliga and the DFB Cup, and VfB Stuttgart. In Austria, under his fondly remembered two-year management, RB Salzburg won the national championship and the cup.


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