March 04, 2014

Apollo Tyres introduces Apterra range at the Geneva Motor Show

Using the prestigious platform of the 84th edition of the Geneva Motor Show, Apollo Tyres introduced Apterra H/P, an on-road High Performance summer tyre for SUVs. The new tyre, which is being introduced globally, has been developed by the
Global PV R&D Centre of Apollo Tyres Ltd. based out of the Netherlands.

Starting April, the entire product range of Apollo for the SUV and 4X4 segment, will be marketed under the Apterra name. Apterra A/T would be offered for all-terrain driving, where as, Apterra H/T will be specially made for highway driving. Going forward, the range will be further expanded and more tyres with a higher speed index will be added to the Apterra range, with a focus on increasing the market share in this growing vehicle segment.

Available in H and V speed indexes, the Apterra range of tyres has a tread consisting of a multi-polymer
compound for total safety, even at higher speeds, in line with the demands of high performance vehicle drivers.

The large shoulder blocks, combined with the continuous centre rib, ensure a high degree of stability on the
road, while the central rib also guarantees accurate handling.

The unique Advanced Sipe Technology would help with effective water dispersion and ensure excellent
resistance to aquaplaning for these tyres. Moreover, the smart positioning of the various tread segments
reduces noise levels considerably.

Apollo Apterra H/P sizes
255/ 55 R18 109 V XL
225/ 60 R17 99 H
235/ 60 R18 107 V XL
245/ 60 R18 105 H
215/ 65 R16 98 H
225/ 65 R17 102 H
235/ 65 R17 108 V XL
215/ 70 R16 100 H
235/ 70 R16 106 H


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