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September 03, 2013

Honda introduces the SH Mode 125 scooter

Honda announced the introduction of a new member to the SH family - the SH Mode 125.

A high-fashion scooter big on style and easy-to-use manners with low seat height, light weight, flat floor, 16-inch front wheel, storage room for a full-face helmet, plus CBS braking and ultra-efficient

May 29, 2012

Honda Wave110i arrives in UK dealer

The new Honda Wave110i is now available in Honda dealers, for all those looking for low-cost, straight-forward and hassle-free motoring.

The Wave110i offers superb fuel efficiency and a total tank range of over 130 miles between fill ups. Low fuel costs are

April 04, 2012

Honda announces PCX125 with next generation Honda eSP (enhanced Smart Power) engine

The Honda PCX125 was the top selling Powered two-wheeler in Europe in 2011. Its combination of crisp, contemporary ‘big scooter’ styling and nimble, reassuring chassis, plus a whole host of convenient design touches, make it a joy to live with on

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