November 13, 2012

Deliveries by Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand up 11.2 per cent in period to October

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand handed over 4.72- (January-October 2011: 4.24; +11.2 per cent) million vehicles to customers from January to October. The brand delivered 501,300 (October 2011: 430,900; +16.3 per cent) vehicles in the month of October.

"We achieved growth, in some cases quite significant, above all outside Europe in October. The picture in Europe, on the other hand, remains difficult. The markets in Western Europe in particular demand our full attention. Here, the new Golf, Europe's best-selling car, has got off to an excellent start with over 40,000 advance orders," said Christian Klingler, Board Member for Sales and Marketing for the Volkswagen Group and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

On the overall European market Volkswagen Passenger Cars maintained the high level of 1.44- (1.44; +0.5 per cent) million vehicles from January to October. The brand generated growth in Central and Eastern Europe in particular, where deliveries rose by 28.8 per cent to 223,100 (173,100) units. In Russia, the region's largest single market, deliveries increased to 137,200 (91,000; +50.8 per cent) vehicles. In Western Europe (excluding Germany), deliveries fell by 6.0 per cent to 719,100 (764,700) units as a result of the difficult situation on markets in general. In Germany, Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 501,300 (498,400; +0.6 per cent) vehicles to customers in the ten-month period.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the brand grew deliveries by 17.4 per cent from January to October and handed over 1.89- (1.61) million vehicles to customers, of which 1.71- (1.45; +18.4 percent) million units were delivered in China (incl. Hong Kong), the region's largest single market. Sales on the American continent also developed very well in the period to October, with Volkswagen Passenger Cars growing deliveries in the North America region by 25.6 per cent to 508,500 (404,900) vehicles. Growth was especially strong in the United States, where customers took possession of 357,400 (263,500; +35.6 per cent) vehicles. In South America, deliveries rose by 8.9 per cent to 699,600 (642,300) vehicles.


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