July 09, 2013

Visteon's e-Bee concept makes its Japanese debut

Visteon Corporation is showcasing its e-Bee vehicle concept - representing the global automotive supplier's vision of mobility in the year 2020 - to customers and media in Japan as part of an Asia tour for the highly acclaimed vehicle.

The e-Bee is designed to explore new and alternative ways of using a vehicle, including car-sharing, private ownership and short-term rental. Using touch display-based controls and Cloud-centered profile storage, the e-Bee's features are designed to be immediately familiar and intuitive for each individual user.

Fully compatible with electric vehicle and hybrid platforms, the e-Bee demonstrates intelligent mobility - gathering and disseminating useful driving-related data, acting as part of a wider mobility-enabling network and integrating technology and design that is simple, flexible and frugal.

The technologies featured in the e-Bee concept range from advanced development to application - and commercialisation - ready.

"From its driver interface to its compact and innovative climate system, the e-Bee is an exercise in efficient, forward-looking design for new mobility uses," said Simon Harris, Chief Designer, Visteon Innovation and Design, Europe. "This is the second leg of e-Bee's tour of Asia, where we're showcasing the vehicle at customer and industry events. The e-Bee will be the centerpiece in Visteon's discussions with customers and partners about future technology trends and needs."


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