December 29, 2011

Experience the BMW Magazine app on your iPad

The BMW Magazine app – winner of multiple awards, including the renowned ‘red dot: best of the best’ is now available at Auto Expo 2012.

The BMW Magazine app opens up a comprehensive multimedia brand experience to readers, above and beyond the printed version. Photo series, videos and
sound files integrated into the layout along with a ‘Find the Pair’ game offer clear added value over the print magazine. Thanks to a clever navigation system, you can tap, turn, tilt and swipe your way through this lively mix of themes. Plus, there are exciting video clips, entertaining animations and direct links to the internet for guaranteed interactive reading, viewing and listening pleasure.

BMW Applications such as Mobile Car Configurator will be available for users on the iPad and available for download from the Apple AppStore (Indian version available from April 2012). The Mobile Car Configurator enables users to individualise the car using a wide range of parts inventory like color, upholstery, wheel rims and more. With convenience of the iPad, the users can virtually configure the car of their choice in a fun and interactive manner.

Visitors at the BMW Pavilion will also have the opportunity to connect to their online friends and share their offline experience by using the BMW Connect Card. Using the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, the BMW Connect Card will enable visitors to connect to their Facebook account and post their pictures or ‘Like’ their favourite BMW cars on their Facebook wall. 

The BMW Pavilion will also allow guests to download content directly on their phones via Bluetooth. As soon as Bluetooth is switched on, it will connect visitors to the BMW network inside the BMW Pavilion and provide options to download wallpapers and videos of BMW cars.


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