December 05, 2011

Mercedes-Benz achieves record sales in november, sales up by 8.3 per cent

In November, Mercedes-Benz sold more cars than ever before in this month. With 113,859 units, the brand surpassed the previous record result, which was set last year, by 8.3 per cent. Mercedes-Benz has delivered a total of 1,136,525 (+7.3 per cent) units to customers since the beginning of the
year - which also represents a new sales record.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars said, “With record sales in November, we have sold more cars than in the same months of last year for over two years in a row. This shows that Mercedes-Benz is on the right track and that our products are very popular among customers. Further evidence is provided by the outstanding customer response to the new B-Class and
M-Class models, which were launched on the European market at the end of last month. Already now it is certain that we will reach our target of selling more cars over the entire year than ever before.” From January through November, the Mercedes-Benz Cars division sold 1,230,863 (+7.1 per cent) Mercedes-Benz and smart fortwo vehicles, which is a new record, as well.

As many cars as never before in a month, Mercedes-Benz sold in China (including Hong Kong) in November. In total 18,067 units were delivered to customers (+24.1 per cent). Since January sales in China now total 170,112 cars (+30.8 per cent), after the brand had already surpassed last year’s sales total in October. Mercedes-Benz is also reporting record sales during the year to date as well as in November in Russia (+18.2 per cent), Mexico (+17.6 per cent), and South Korea (+10.4 per cent). Since January, more vehicles than ever before have also been delivered to customers in Taiwan (+38.0 per cent), India (+23.6 per cent), Sweden (+13.1 per cent), Denmark (+12.2 per cent), and Turkey (+8.5 per cent). With a 30.8 per cent increase in sales, the Japanese market remained very dynamic in November - as did the market in Brazil (+49.3 per cent).

With a new sales record, November was also a very successful month for Mercedes-Benz in the US. Sales grew by 47.2 per cent to 26,796 units. As in October, Mercedes-Benz was therefore the best-selling automotive premium brand in the United States. The brand delivered 219,491 vehicles (+11.8 per cent) to customers in the US during the last eleven months. In Canada, Mercedes-Benz reported another record month in November, with sales totaling 2,685 units (+12.7 per cent). Sales are also at a record level in Canada for the year to date (26,078 units; +2.7 per cent).

As in the previous months, Mercedes-Benz was Germany’s leading premium car manufacturer in November. Deliveries totaled 24,326 vehicles (November 2010: 27,731; -12.3 per cent). Toward the end of the month, the new models of the high-volume

B-Class and the new M-Class celebrated successful market launches in Germany. Altogether, dealers welcomed around 300,000 visitors to the models’ premieres in their showrooms. The company expects sales to get a further boost by these models in the months ahead. According to the new vehicle registration statistics of Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), the CLS as well as the E-Class coupe, followed by the SLK, were once again at the top position in their respective classes in November. Since the beginning of the year, 236,966 vehicles have been delivered to customers in Germany (January-November 2010: 243,728; -2.8 per cent). For the year to date, sales in Western Europe (excluding Germany) have remained at last year’s very high level. A total of 265,549 units were delivered to customers between January and November (-0.8 per cent). During this period, Mercedes-Benz sales developed particularly well in the UK (+10.3 per cent).

Since the beginning of this year the C-Class sedan is the top seller in its respective segment. Combined, the C-Class sedan and estate set a new sales record for the month with a sales increase of 14.3 per cent. The E-Class segment also achieved a new record with sales of 27,209 vehicles (+4.0 per cent) in November. In addition, deliveries reached a new peak for the year to date, totaling 306,763 units (+4.3 per cent). The
Mercedes-Benz flagship, the S-Class sedan, developed also positively with sales of 61,808 units (+3.5 per cent) during the last eleven months of the year. At 25,552 units (+23.4 per cent), Mercedes-Benz’ SUVs achieved another monthly sales record in November. The successful run-out of the M-Class was particularly noteworthy, as was the excellent start of its new models in the US. In total, M-Class sales rose to a new November-record by +43.3 per cent. Also new peaks in the previous month were set by the GL (+38.0 per cent) and the GLK, of which deliveries are also at a record high since the beginning of the year (+25.6 per cent). From January through November, Mercedes-Benz delivered a total of 221,518 SUVs (+24.3 per cent) to customers - more than ever.

Following the positive development in October, sales of the smart fortwo developed excellently in November. Totaling 8,466 units, sales rose by 18.2 per cent last month. Since the beginning of the year deliveries have risen by 4.9 per cent (94,338 units). Developments continue to be particularly positive in China (including Hong Kong), where smart sold 1.142 units in the previous month. As a result, the brand has delivered more than 10,000 smart fortwo to Chinese customers during the year to date. In November, the two-seater also posted strong growth in Mexico (+171.2 per cent), Austria (+122.9 per cent), the US (+96.2 per cent), Spain (+51.1 per cent), and Italy (+10.8 per cent). A total of 27,156 smart fortwo have been delivered to customers in Germany since January - an increase of 5.5 per cent. Therefore the car continues to lead its comparative segment. For full-year 2011, the smart continues to be on track to meet the sales target of 100,000 units.

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