December 05, 2011

Sikorsky S-92 'Legacy of Heroes' demo Helicopter on display in Malaysia

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.’s S-92® 'Legacy of Heroes' demonstration helicopter will be shown on static display at the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition beginning December 6. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United
Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

The aircraft recently launched the second leg of its worldwide tour with its arrival in Singapore on November 21. The helicopter will visit multiple countries to recognise first responders to natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies around the globe while promoting the company’s family of products including the H-92& helicopter, the military version of the company’s commercial S-92 helicopter.

The tour commenced in the United States in September and continued through late October. From its current location in Malaysia, the aircraft will next visit Brunei, Thailand and Hong Kong, and then travel to India. A six-member crew is conducting cockpit briefings and aircraft tours at designated stops, and participating in first responder recognition ceremonies and other special events to provide community support along the way.

“Sikorsky Aircraft was built on Igor Sikorsky’s vision of the helicopter as a life-saving device,” said Carey Bond, President of Sikorsky Global Helicopters. “Since Sikorsky’s earliest days, our helicopters have been the first to arrive on the scene of natural disasters and other emergency, life-threatening situations. The 'Legacy of Heroes' demo tour gives us the opportunity to share the success stories of the extra-ordinary people who use our products and to introduce the aircraft capabilities and product solutions to those who may be unfamiliar with them.”

The aircraft on display was customised by employees at Sikorsky Global Helicopters’ main facility in Coatesville, Pa., USA. It is a utility-configured S-92 aircraft bearing a unique gray and black paint scheme with a silhouette of first responders depicted on each side. The aircraft is fitted with side-facing seats, a triple-litter kit, cargo hook, search-and-rescue automatic flight control system, and night sun capabilities.

During the tour, the crew will showcase the multi-mission capability of the aircraft.

S-92 helicopters perform Search And Rescue (SAR) missions as well as a variety of transportation missions for VIPs including Heads of State, offshore oil and gas crews, utility and airline passengers. The worldwide fleet of 151 S-92 helicopters has accumulated more than 365,000 flight hours since deliveries began in 2004. The S-92 helicopter was certified to FAA/EASA harmonised Part 29 requirements, as amended through Amendment 47. The S-92 helicopter remains the only aircraft to have been certified to this rigorous airworthiness standard without exception or waiver.


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