December 28, 2011

Tata Motors upgrading old Nanos with new starter motor

Tata Motors is upgrading old Tata Nanos, produced up to mid-September 2011, with a new starter motor to enhance their performance. This is in line with the company's practice of upgrading its vehicles; on the Nano itself, the company had upgraded the
exhaust and the electrical system in November 2010, as was announced then.

The installation of the new starter motor, which is a vendor supplied part, began in October this year. Owners of all old Nanos were informed about the exercise, and about 50,000 cars have already been done. There are about 65,000 owners who are yet to visit their dealerships and the company is in continuous contact with them.

This new starter motor is already installed in the Nano 2012, which was introduced in November this year with a host of new features, of new colours, new interiors, best-in-class AC, a more powerful gasoline engine and even greater fuel efficiency of 25.4 kmpl, further improving on its record as India's most fuel efficient petrol car - all at the same price as before.

Making the Tata Nano even more desirable, the car's 624 cc engine has been made more powerful delivering an impressive 38 PS of power (earlier 35 PS) and 51 Nm of torque (earlier 48 Nm). Yet fuel efficiency, already a high point with Tata Nano owners, has been taken to a new high of 25.4 kmpl (earlier 23.6 kmpl). The ride and handling, also already highly appreciated by existing owners, now has become even better with a revised suspension set-up, including an anti-roll bar at the front, and a steering mechanism made even easier. The interiors are completely new with enhanced premiumness in look and feel - luxurious beige in the Nano LX, rich black in the Nano CX and stunning medium graphite in the Standard version. The exteriors are now a veritable vibgyor of 10 colours, eight of them new. All the variants come with an unmatched warranty of 4 years or 60,000 kms, whichever is earlier.

Tata Motors' customer satisfaction studies with Nano owners indicate that over 90 per cent are delighted with the car, because of it being small yet spacious, its performance, maneuverability, durability, mileage, safety etc. The surveys also demonstrate that the owners deeply treasure their Nanos, resulting in spontaneous suggestions of improvements. Several new features in the Nano 2012 are such insights from the owners.

Tata Motors will continue to add new features to the Nano, even as marketing initiatives, expansion of distribution network and good customer response to the Nano is resulting in a progressive increase in the car's sales.


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