January 25, 2012

Supertrucks – Now The Glass Racking Company’s UK & European manufacturing partner

Supertrucks, the UK’s largest manufacturer of glass transport solutions, has just been appointed as the UK and European manufacturing partner for The Glass Racking Company (TGRC), a world leader in its field. This partnership agreement will enable
Supertrucks to offer the glass industry a complete range of glass handling, storage and transport solutions from manufacture to installation.

Peter Wright, Supertrucks Chairman comments, “This partnership with TGRC is one of the biggest developments we have ever undertaken in our 30 year history.  We can now provide innovative solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of all aspects of glass handling, storage and transport.”

“We are proud to be associated with The Glass Racking Company. Together with our own advanced product line, Supertrucks is now able to offer a unique range of products and services to the UK and European glass industry,” Peter Wright explains.

Bryn Thompson, The Glass Racking Company’s CEO, comments, “We have shared technology and development with Supertrucks for well over a decade and we now are delighted that our UK and European agreement with Supertrucks will open up new opportunities for both companies. This partnership agreement complements TGRC’s global manufacturing and sales operations in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.”

As New Zealand based TGRC’s UK and European manufacturing partner, Supertrucks will be involved in providing factory glass storage/handling design consultancy, as well as the manufacture and supply of TGRC’s 150+ range of premium quality glass and window trolleys, cutting tables (manual and air) and storage racks.

These products incorporate unique features and benefits – including polymer bearing surfaces on trolleys – which don’t leave a residue on the glass. Another of TGRC’s innovative products is a plastic 'tooth' storage system for double glaze units, which reduces the likelihood of the finished unit being damaged.

TGRC’s storage solution includes concertina racks and a unique swing rack system. Both rack types save 50 per cent of the floor space requirements of that needed for a conventional A-frame – as well as providing safer, easier and faster access to the stored items.

TGRC has developed its own suite of aluminium/polymer dies and plastic injection mouldings for its product range which includes trolleys for glass and aluminium/PVC, double glaze handling/storage, bulk glass storage, lifting frames, manual and air cutting tables, on-site glazing equipment, glass displays and more. All TGRC products address Health & Safety requirements and benefit the users by reducing the likelihood of damage to the glass and window products, increasing efficiency and improving working conditions.


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