January 10, 2012

TVS to launch four products in 2012

TVS Motor Company announced that it would launch four products during the year 2012, including two motorcycles in the executive segment and two scooters.

The company would test market its hybrid scooter, TVS Qube from June 2012 and plans to initially test
market 200 scooters before its commercial launch in 2013. The TVS Qube has two sources of power, including a 100 cc four-stroke engine and an electric hub motor. The rider has the option to choose from a range of modes, depending on his or her requirement. This hybrid system charges the battery (Lithium-ion) when the brakes are applied and utilises this power whenever required, therefore making the most efficient use of the energy available. In addition, this two-wheeler conserves energy when the vehicle halts at a traffic signal or is in standstill condition by halting the power source. (Patents Pending)

The scooter also comes with the additional option of electric only with zero fuel (petrol) consumption and zero emissions and can be used for short trips. There is also an engine only mode, which can be used when the battery charge is very low. The TVS Hybrid Scooter also has the options of Hybrid Economy Mode and Hybrid Power Mode. In the economy mode, the engine and electric motor run as per the programmed strategy while in the power mode, both engine and electric engage together for better acceleration.

This green technology delivers significant emission reduction and improved fuel economy in city traffic driving with 35 per cent reduction in CO2 emission, 30 per cent HC + NOx reduction and an increase of 35 per cent in fuel economy. The TVS Hybrid Scooter is therefore expected to deliver a fuel economy of around 70 kilometers in typical city riding conditions.

This product is proof of TVS Motor Company’s unwavering commitment to development of green technologies that will lead to substantial reduction in CO2 levels.

TVS Motor Company, in an effort to increase its market share in the growing executive segment and give an option of upgrades to economy segment customers, announced the launch of two motorcycles in this segment.

One new motorcycle brand with 125 cc engine capacity, 4-speed gearbox and all features for this segment would be launched in June 2012. The brand would represent a bold new statement in the executive motorcycle segment. The refined mature design and the comfortable riding position coupled with the smooth responsive engine would make this vehicle a perfect urban mobility solution. Specifically tailor made for the everyday rider, this bike is feature packed and will provide an exciting riding experience and a modern styling.

The second motorcycle in this segment would be the re-launch its popular TVS Victor brand in December 2012. An advanced programmed ignition system that will be deployed in the TVS Victor ensuring best performance in combustion and therefore best in class acceleration and fuel economy. TVS Victor is expected to return high fuel efficiency in typical city riding conditions.

In the growing scooter segment, TVS Motor Company is present with Scooty and Wego. The company now intends to further strengthen its position with launch of a 125 cc scooter in December 2012, which will deliver high fuel efficiency in typical city riding conditions.

These new launches will complete the motorcycle portfolio while additional range to the scooter variants would complete the company’s product portfolio and increase its market share.


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