February 01, 2012

Donington Historic Festival unveils 2012 time-table

With the time-table now announced, spectators at the 2012 Donington Historic Festival can plan their visit and look forward to an unrivalled display of historic motorsport, as over 300 racing cars dating from the 1920s up to the 1980s take to the track
over the weekend of May 5 and 6.

Everything from huge pre-War Bentleys and glamorous 1960s sportscars to thunderous Group C sportscars and classic Touring Cars will be out on the circuit. To ensure that those who can only attend one day of the Festival are guaranteed a thrilling time, the organisers have structured the timetable to ensure an even mix of qualifying and racing on each of the two days.

The inaugural Donington Historic Festival in 2011 exceeded all expectations for attendance and, with ticket sales already significantly higher than they were at this time last year, and some 35 car clubs registered to attend so far, it’s clear there will be even more enthusiasts there to enjoy the action in 2012. This year also includes a round of the E-type Challenge, giving Festival-goers the chance to see dozens of examples of one of the world’s all-time favourite cars being driven to the limit.

The provisional time-table
Saturday, May 5
09:00-13.20    Qualifying
13:20-14:10    Lunch Break/Demonstrations
14:10-14:55    ‘Mad Jack’ for pre-War sportscars
15:10-15:35    HSCC Historic F2-Race 1
15:50-16:50    RAC Woodcote Trophy for pre-56 sportscars
17:05-17:35    E-type Challenge-Race 1
17:50-18:30    JD Classics Challenge for 1966 to 1985 Touring Cars
18:45-19:45    ‘1,000 km’ for pre-72 sports-racing cars
Sunday, May 6
09:00-10:50    Qualifying
11:05-11:35    E-type Challenge-Race 2
11:50-12:50    Stirling Moss Trophy for pre-61 sportscars
12:50-13:50    Lunch Break/Demonstrations
13:50-14:15    HSCC Historic F2-Race 2
14:30-15:30    Pre-63 GT
15:45-16:45    Group C sportscars
17:00-18:00    U2TC, Pre-66 under two-litre Touring Cars


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