February 29, 2012

Fiat ‘Strada by Lumberjack’, world preview in Milan

The new Fiat 'Strada by Lumberjack', which will be available starting from the month of March in Italy and on the main markets of Europe, is making is debut. The stage chosen for the world preview is 'Micam Shoevent', the top international footwear show which will be
taking place in Milan from 4-7 March.

Developed on the basis of the top-of-the-range Adventure outfit, the new version springs from the collaboration between Fiat Professional and Lumberjack, historic footwear and outdoor clothing brand, on the basis of shared values - practicality, quality and robustness. This is why the choice of a commercial vehicle on which to join forces could only be the new Fiat Strada, the pick-up truck that more than any other model is suited for outdoor, professional use in which agility, versatility, load capacity and possibility of tackling even less favourable terrain conditions count.

Fiat 'Strada by Lumberjack' comes with two cab configurations and costs (price before tax) from €16,700 (Long Cab version) to €17,850 (Crew Cab version). Both solutions feature a brilliant 1.3  MultiJet 16v Euro-5 engine which delivers a maximum power of 95 hp and a torque of 200 Nm (20.4 kgm at 1,500 rpm). Provided with variable geometry turbocharger and intercooler, the engine guarantees excellent performance and low running costs and consumption (as low as 5.3 litres/100 km on the combined cycle). This is even more remarkable when compared to the specs of the bulky pick-up trucks made by competitors which all link high power to high consumption.

On the outside, the new Fiat Strada sports a special 'Lumberjack red' body, a 'Lumberjack' badge, side stickers with the wording 'Natural Story' and electrically adjustable door mirrors. Furthermore, the 'all terrain' look of the model is enhanced by lengthwise roof bars, 15-inch alloy rims and oversized lug tread 205/65 R15 tyres.

The Fiat 'Strada by Lumberjack' has plenty of comfort inside for occupants and is very carefully designed throughout. Proof of this is in the leather seats, the height-adjustable steering wheel, the Lumberjack logo mats and the original clear, easy-to-read instruments with an additional compass and inclinometer.

Ergonomic antisubmarining seats, climate control system, ABS, front airbags and fog lights make travelling and working on the exclusive new Fiat Strada even more pleasant, comfortable and safe. The comprehensive equipment is completed by an electronic locking differential called E-Locker which is a great help when tackling terrain with poor grip in general but when the extreme performance typical of a 4WD is not required. In detail, the system can lock the front differential, sending all the available torque to the wheel with the best grip to get the vehicle out of tricky situations: the result is 'off-road-like' performance combined with all the winning characteristics of a 4x2. The E-Locker does not imply the costs of 4x4 drive, it does not penalise tare or payload and it does not impact on fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

This genuine 'unlimited edition' will certainly satisfy the needs of an international clientele who focuses on features and price, such as mountain communities, stable owners, holiday farm managers and animal breeders, farmers and vineyard owners: in brief, people who are investing in the green economy, who are rooted in their land and are well aware of the excellences it can offer.  Fiat 'Strada by Lumberjack' is created with them in mind. It is a professional pick-up truck with the brilliance and appeal of a car, today also with crew cab for even more versatile use and easily transporting up to four occupants still with a net payload (without driver) of 350 kg. These features are made even more interesting by the external dimensions of the vehicle - it is 4.46-metres-long, 1.71-metres-wide and has a wheelbase of 2.75-metres - and by the capacious rear bed which is either 1,332 mm (long cab version) or 1,082 mm long (crew cab version) and 1,300 mm wide (1,070 mm between wheel arches).

With a regular shape to make it easy to exploit to the full, the rear bed is provided with scratch-resistant protective lining designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Robust hooks used to fix the transported objects in total safety are intelligently placed on the sides and bottom of the box so as not to hinder loading and unloading operations. Access to the load bed is also facilitated by the rear board, covered in non-slip material which can be folded by 90-degree and is even removable. It can bear a weight of 300 kilograms. The payload including driver ranges from 630 to 665 kg according to the version, while the gross vehicle weight is 1,915 kg. The towable weight is 1,000 kg.


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