March 31, 2012

Black cabs drive-on to make way for new Euro-5 taxis

Mercedes-Benz UK has the solution for London taxi drivers looking to change their tired Hackney carriages – new Euro-5 Vito Taxis, with a special incentive for drivers to switch to the new cabs.

In addition to a strong finance offering, Mercedes-Benz is giving
new Euro-5 Vito Taxi customers a further £1,500 incentive for the first 50 vehicles sold (discount off purchase price or cashback option), in exchange for carrying some stylish and subtle branding, focusing on cleaner air messaging on the lower half of the Vito Taxi and back door for 18 months.

Steve Bridge, Van Sales and Marketing Director at Mercedes-Benz, said, “Mercedes-Benz has long been associated with public transport; in 1898 the world’s first bus was launched by Daimler – a milestone for passenger travel. Fast-forward to today and we are still pioneering and leading the way in terms of comfort and efficiency for both driver and customer with the new Euro-5 Vito Taxi."

“We are delighted to be offering the special London initiative programme and look forward to welcoming more drivers to become part of Mercedes-Benz public transport story.”

The new Euro-5 Mercedes-Benz Vito Taxi is setting the standard for taxis in London and other cities. Offering remarkable versatility and unprecedented levels of comfort, including six seats for fares, the Vito Taxi delivers significant improvements in fuel economy, lower emissions and a stress-free ride for both taxi driver and passenger.

The Vito Taxi also boasts a highly promising array of technical merits - the state-of-the-art 4-cylinder CDI engines and BlueEfficiency models set standards in terms of economy and sustainability.

All four CDI diesel engines meet the requirements of the Euro-5 emissions standard and consume far less fuel than the predecessor engines, while also reducing exhaust gas emissions. One thing that hasn’t been reduced, of course, is the high level of ride comfort. Quite the opposite, in fact, as refinement has actually been enhanced thanks to in-engine measures.

In addition, the Euro-5 Vito Taxi enjoys a three-year/150,000 mile warranty and up to 24,000 mile service intervals to help reduce whole life costs. In addition, each vehicle comes with Service24h included as standard, which entitles drivers to free roadside assistance for three years.


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