March 02, 2012

Ford Motor Company US sales increase in cars, utilities, trucks in February; Focus up 115 per cent

Ford Motor Company posted a 14 per cent increase in February US sales versus year-ago levels, with 179,119 vehicles sold; retail sales increased 19 per cent. The Ford brand was up 14 per cent, while Lincoln posted a 16 per cent increase versus year-ago levels.

“Sales momentum built as February unfolded, with higher fuel prices driving consumer demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles in the second half of the month,” said Ken Czubay, Ford Vice-President, US Marketing, Sales and Service. “Customers are recognising Ford for investing in new cars, utilities and trucks with strong fuel economy, especially Focus, Escape and EcoBoost-powered vehicles.”

Ford Motor Company’s car sales were up 16 per cent in February, with Focus contributing 40 per cent to the company’s total vehicle growth – more than any other vehicle. Utilities gained 5 per cent, with Escape setting a best-ever February sales record with 18,666 vehicles sold. Escape has had two consecutive best-ever sales months in January and February – its strongest-ever start to a year.

America’s top-selling vehicle for 30 years, the Ford F-series posted a 26 per cent increase, totaling 47,273 pick-ups.

Ford Motor Company's North American production plan is to build 730,000 vehicles in the second quarter of 2012, up 3 per cent (20,000 vehicles) compared with the second quarter 2011. First quarter production (675,000 vehicles) is unchanged from the previous forecast.


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