March 10, 2012

Growth in GPS jammers, no match for Tracker

New research from the Sentinel consortium reveals a rise in vehicle thieves using jammers in an attempt to outsmart the police. Criminal gangs can easily import cheap GPS jammers from overseas and use them to steal expensive cars and lorries with valuable loads. Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR)
systems specialist, Tracker, combines GSM, GPS and VHF technology to create the most robust tracking device available. Unlike any other stolen vehicle tracking device, Tracker is resilient to GPS jamming, offering vehicle owners the best protection from this growing threat.

According to the BBC, the Sentinel study recorded more than 60 GPS jamming incidents in one location over six months. And in a separate case, police in Kent have arrested and jailed a criminal gang in connection with the theft of 26 vans. Over an 8 month period 150 Mercedes Sprinter vans were reported stolen in the Heathrow Airport area where the gang operated. The highly organised thieves used jammers to disable tracking systems in the vehicles, leaving the criminals free to break up the vans for parts or drive them to Europe.

In response to these new figures and the rise in car thieves using jammers, Tracker reminds motorists that its SVR solutions don’t rely on GPS alone, unlike many other systems available on the market.

“The Sentinel study confirms fears that GPS systems are susceptible to jamming, highlighting the potential weakness of most tracking devices available today,” says Stuart Chapman, Head of Tracker’s Police Relationship Team. “And the arrests in Kent show the real cost of jammers, which are exploited by criminal gangs. Most of the vans Kent police discovered were stolen from workmen, who suffered a loss of business, on top of having their van and tools stolen."

“The current over-reliance on GPS as a security and recovery system increases the threat of jammers. Although GPS has a part to play, current UK standards do not recognise the impact of its vulnerability, while more and more UK motorists fall victim to attack from jamming devices. We strongly advise consumers to choose a system that provides a more resilient solution and, better still, one that deliver multiple means of location and communication," he adds.

“Tracker’s SVR systems use a unique VHF technology, offering motorists effective safeguards against theft, even if the GPS does fail. At Tracker we are constantly developing new products based on a range of positioning technologies, ensuring we continue to offer vehicle owners the best protection from criminals and the jamming devices they use.”

Tracker’s SVR systems work like an electronic homing device using VHF technology and currently recovers an average of £2-million worth of stolen vehicles each month. The system places a covert transmitter on the owner’s vehicle, providing no visible evidence for the thief to suspect any security device. The signal is then tracked by any UK Police Force, directing them to the exact location of the stolen vehicle.


Anonymous said...

It is really bad that devices manufactured by and other companies in this industry are used by scams to steal cars. Shame on them! The original sense of GPS jammers is to give people freedom from privacy break-ins and various stalkers tracking the movements of their cars.

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