March 29, 2012

Tata Motors showcases Anti-Terrorist Indoor Combat Vehicle concept at Def Expo India 2012

Tata Motors showcased a new Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle (MBPV) at Def Expo India 2012, a highly mobile combat vehicle for indoor combat inside airports, railway stations and other such infrastructure. The concept is the first of its kind design to assist the country's
elite forces in indoor combat.

Besides, Tata Motors launched four other defence vehicles - the Tata 12x12 Prahaar Missile Carrier, the Tata Light Armoured Vehicle, the Tata Mobile Bunker and the Tata 6x6 7kl Refueler and displayed a range of other concept vehicles, such as the Tata Quick Deployment Mobile Communication Terminal (QDMCT).

Speaking on the occasion, P.M. Telang, Managing Director - India Operations, Tata Motors, said, "The launch of our new combat & tactical vehicles and equipment, leveraged from our strength in design and development of a wide range of commercial vehicles, now enables us to cover the entire defence mobility spectrum. Tata Motors defence solutions already covers the complete range of logistics and armoured vehicles that have also been popular in supporting the police and paramilitary forces in counter insurgency operations."

At the Def Expo, Tata Motors displayed scaled models of its concept Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) (Tracked & Wheeled), including the turret. In addition, the proposed layout of the production facility was also displayed. Tata Motors is one of the four Indian companies, which has been issued the Expression of Interest (EoI) by the Indian Army, for the FICV - a 'Make Indian' project. Tata Motors has accordingly responded to the EoI based on indigenous design and development in association with key technology partners and submitted their response in October 2010.

Tata Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle (MBPV): The Tata Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle (MBPV) is a project that is being jointly developed by VRDE-DRDO and Tata Motors, for providing the country's elite commando forces (NSG, Marine Commandos, Para Battalions & Force One) with a protected mobility solution that assists them during indoor combat against insurgents. The need for this kind of a solution has been felt desperately by commando units, who face multiple hostage situations; wherein terrorists have been holed up inside confined premises, houses, hotels, malls and airports.

The MBPV has been designed keeping indoor combat in mind, with special features like bullet resistant panels for protection, compact dimensions, with 4-wheel assisted turning for easy movement within indoor confines and high power-to-weight ratio for fast & agile movement, during combat. Firing ports have also been incorporated for retaliatory action. Moreover, it has an added capability of climbing stairs as well.

Tata 12x12 Prahaar Missile Carrier: Tata Motors has developed an indigenous high mobility, all-terrain and all-wheel drive, Tata LPTA 5252-12 X12 vehicle, specifically for missile launcher cum carrier applications like integration of Prahar, BrahMos and Nirbhay Missiles, in close coordination with R&DE - DRDO.

Tata Light Armoured Vehicle: The Internal Homeland Security Forces and the State Police Forces, being endowed with the prime responsibility of securing the State, consistently move in and out of territories which are extremist hotbeds. Keeping this in mind, Tata Motors has developed the Tata Light Armoured Vehicle to aid the troops in Counter Insurgency Operations, as well as for patrolling the hinterland. In line with this, the Tata Light Armoured Vehicle has been engineered to be far superior to its competitors; in terms of performance, safety & convenience and meeting CMVR regulations.

Tata Mobile Bunker: Tata Mobile Bunker has been designed on the LPA 713 4-wheel-drive platform, to ensure fast & safe movement of troops in naxal infested states and to act as a platform for retaliatory action. The vehicle is protected against gunfire, corresponding to ballistic protection of NIJ Level III. It is a highly mobile platform and can be used as a base for various protected applications like troop carriers, ambulances and buses.

Tata 6x6 7kl Refueler: Tata Motors has developed an indigenous high mobility, all-terrain and all-wheel drive refueler vehicle, specifically for the Indian Armed forces, Paramilitary, State police, DPSUs, State Government & Municipal agencies and the Aviation industry. The base vehicle has already been trial evaluated by the Indian Armed forces, for various applications like Common Gun Tower, HMV with material handling crane and Multi-Barrel Rocket launcher GRAD BM 21.

Tata LSV - QDMCT (Quick Deployment Mobile Communication Terminal): The Tata LSV - QDMCT is a shelter based, self-contained vehicle mounted communication system that provides wide area IP network. It provides reliable and secured IP connectivity for data, voice & video, between various nodes. Multiple communication media have been provided for both data & voice connectivity. The state-of-the-art Tata QDMCT is designed and developed in collaboration with RCI - DRDO. The system has found an ideal platform in the Tata LSV, which is a high payload, high mobility & low silhouette military platform, designed for withstanding tough weather and terrain conditions.

Tata 8x8 Water Purification System: Tata Motors has developed a mobile water decontamination system on the LPTA 3138 8x8, for all-terrain, all weather operation in collaboration with M/s. WEW (Germany). This application is especially developed keeping the drinking water contamination problem, faced by Armed Forces, Paramilitary force, at disaster struck areas. This application is also apt for State Governments and various Municipal agencies, to tackle the issue of supplying drinking water to remote villages. This water decontamination system is capable of purifying the most impure forms of water and makes it portable through Reverse Osmosis (RO) process.

Tata 8x8 Missile Carrier: Tata Motors has developed an indigenous high mobility, all-terrain and all-wheel drive Tata vehicle, specifically for various all terrain applications like Command and Control unit, Missile Carrier, MHC Radar Station and Missile Firing Platform.

Tata Safari Storme GS 800 4x4: The Indian Armed Forces are currently looking at procuring a 4-wheel drive, high mobility platform, for induction into the Defence Services as a General Service vehicle; to be used for transporting officers during peacetime, as well as during conflicts, across locations in India. Tata Motors has designed and developed the Safari Storme GS 800, in-house, in line with the requirements of the forces.

Tata Safari Storme Armoured: With the strong resurgence of threat perceptions amongst high profile dignitaries, trade delegates, etc., the need arises for a mode of transport, which is very safe, but at the same time comfortable and stylish enough for this segment of people. Tata Motors offers the Tata Armored Safari Storme, equipped with latest state-of-art technology, for catering to VVIP movements. The Armored Safari Storme inculcates a strengthened chassis & suspension system, enhanced braking efficiency of the vehicle, to take care of the additional armoring weight, so that the performance of vehicle remains similar, to that of the unarmored Safari. Such a vehicle carries a CMVR certificate and is legal to run on road as per CMVR. The vehicle has internal Up-Armoring and to the untrained eye, the look is 'innocent'.

Tata Xenon Recce 4x4: Tata Motors has developed the Xenon Recce 4x4, specifically for off-road patrolling usage by the Armed Forces, both in India and abroad. For this purpose, it has developed separate engines, complying with both BS III, as well as Euro norms. Equipped with state-of-the-art high mobility features, the Xenon Recce provides the Central Paramilitary Forces, and State police forces, with a lethal platform to carry out Combing Operations, Jungle Warfare with ease.

Tata Mine Protected Vehicle: The Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) has been developed to protect its occupants, from threats like ambushes and sudden violent attacks, using powerful explosive mines. Tata MPV takes troop protection to the next level. Designed to protect against gunfire, with ballistic protection of NIJ Level III, it provides essential protection to military and para military forces. It is well protected and has more than acceptable levels of mobility.


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