April 09, 2012

Bike Trac ATV launched by Road Angel Group

Renowned automotive technology experts, Road Angel Group, has announced the launch of its proven tracking system for the ATV market, offering farmers, estate managers, local authorites and individual users peace of mind from theft, but with productivity review
and user safety functions combined too.

A leading and proven product in the motorcycle security market already, Bike Trac moved on traditional theft tracking technology when it was launched in 2009 by offering customers a product that provided useful interaction with the unit on a daily basis.

With this know-how and the latest technology built in to the new ATV version that is launched today, users are not only able to track the whereabouts of their machine night and day via the online web portal, but can also use the unit to view usage on satellite mapping, keep tabs on mileage or use and even know if a machine is involved in a roll-over incident.

Bike Trac's Bill Taylor announced the ATV version, commenting, "Our ATV product is the culmination of years of development and experience in automotive technology. We actually found that some ATV users had already discovered our motorcycle-specific unit and utilised it on their equipment, so we knew that there was demand and in practice that it worked well in this environment. Where our unit really scores over alternative products is the interaction that a user has with the ATV once fitted."

Bike Trac ATV's technology means that as soon as a machine is unlawfully moved, the unit will send the owner a text and email to notify movement, with the system automatically triggering a breadcrumb trail on the online portal for the user and law enforcement authorities to track. On top of this, the system also keeps tabs on battery voltage, notifying the owner again via text or email if it drops below a certain level, as well as the unique 'Bike Over' function too that notifies a colleague or loved-one if a machine tips over an 80-degree angle with the ignition switched on. Other key features include 'Lock Down' - a function that will notify movement outside of working hours even if a key is used, an hours usage log for handy service tracking and a mileage log too.

On top of these functions, Bike Trac can really score for fleet users too, where the online portal can track numerous machines on one-screen allowing central control centres to know the exact whereabouts of their machines and staff, to be able to manage and react on location to jobs or tasks as they occur.

Bike Trac is backed up by Road Angel Group's Secure Operations Centre that also receives alerts and works with the authorities on your behalf to track and recover stolen machines.

Bike Trac ATV has a recommended retail price of £299 inc VAT, with subscription costs as follows: 1 year - £99.99, 2 year - £179.99, 3 - year £229.99. Bike Trac ATV has no other hidden costs, all text notifications and emails are included in the subscription cost. And for the launch all NFU members can claim a 10 per cent discount off the unit price.


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