April 16, 2012

Bosch offers online shop of rare spare parts for classic and vintage cars

Bosch Classic division Automotive Tradition provides owners and fans of vintage cars with expertise and spare parts. The latest offer from the vintage experts is an online shop, now available at www.partbob.com, which supplies rare spare parts and discontinued
products by Bosch for vintage and classic cars. Owners of vintage and classic cars can also take advantage of the '1:1 Reman' repair service by visiting the online shop. This service is available exclusively via the new shop, offering original repairs for a whole range of Bosch parts and components, such as K-Jetronic warm-up regulators and fuel distributors and D-Jetronic induction tube pressure sensors.

In addition to spare parts, later this year the online shop will offer products for vintage cars, including oils, tires and maintenance products. What’s more, the shop is not limited to the German market alone – it is designed with the international market in mind. All of the offers are currently available in German, English, French and Spanish, and the division is working on making offers available in other languages, such as Italian. The intuitive navigation ensures that users can quickly find information, services and parts. Bosch Automotive Tradition guarantees the quality and diversity of the partners and the products on offer, and ensures that orders are processed smoothly.

Large selection of rare and in-demand Bosch spare parts
The new online shop partbob.com is able to provide a wide range of rare Bosch spare parts, as many dealers, including Bosch Classic Car Services, offer rare items from their stores. Parts from leftover stock and discontinued Bosch products are also available through Bosch Automotive Tradition. As an example, the fuel filter for the Porsche 914, which can no longer be obtained from the standard Bosch range of products, is currently available. The range available at partbob.com will continue to expand over the coming months and the number of partners participating will increase. Automotive Tradition will run voucher promotions and discounts for registered customers, with a view to making the shop even more attractive to fans of vintage cars. In the long term, the new international online shop will take over from the existing eBay shop 'Bosch Klassik Teilevermittlung'.

The new online shop also appeals to Bosch Classic Car Services and dealers, who can register as a partner. It provides partners with a quick and easy way to make their products available to an international market. The entire sales process, including invoicing, is carried out by the shop service provider. To ensure that a high level of service quality is maintained in the online shop, partners are obliged to adhere to certain quality standards, which are monitored by Bosch Automotive Tradition.

The Bosch Classic Division Offers Parts, Knowledge, Emotions and Ser-vices for Fans of Vintage Cars
Bosch Automotive Tradition organises the disposal of spare parts for vintage cars, for example by remanufacturing them in accordance with the original production documentation. Automotive Tradition also offers an extensive knowledge database with installation instructions, equipment and spare parts lists, parts references and features lists, recoding tables and usage lists, available at www.automotive-tradition.de.


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