April 16, 2012

Renault’s Twizy hits showrooms in UK

Renault’s stunning new electric two-seater, Twizy, is sending shockwaves through the UK after its arrival at the brand’s 22-strong network of Z.E. Expert dealerships.

The jaw-dropping Twizys are now available for test drives around the UK, primarily at dealers with
larger suburban and urban populations, in keeping with the car’s likely target customers and driving usage. The rest of the brand’s official network will have their demo and display vehicles on April 20.

Renault’s baby electric vehicle has already caused quite a stir in Ibiza in recent weeks where international media have been getting behind the wheel of arguably one of the world’s most intriguing automotive creations ever.

With a tempting on-the-road price from just £6,690, it is the third of the French manufacturer’s groundbreaking electric vehicle range to hit the UK market and undoubtedly the most striking.

The futuristic Twizy is just 2.34 m long by 1.24 m wide and is designed for a driver and one passenger to sit in tandem. The stylish, zero-emission in road use, two-seater compact is charged using a standard three-pin plug. Full charge takes three and a half hours, costing around £1 (depending on energy supplier and tariff), giving a range of around 60 miles, making electric motoring practical, economic and environmentally friendly.
Renault’s eye-catching Twizy is powered by a 13 kw (17 hp) motor with a limited top speed of around 50 mph. The bodywork is extremely visible in traffic to other road users and both occupants are protected by a deformable structure, while the outboard position of the four wheels and the lateral beams located either side of the chassis provide protection on either side.

The lower powered version, Twizy 45 (5 hp), 45 kph/28 mph), was not originally planned for the UK market, however, recent confirmation that a new category of European licence – AM – for 16 year olds and over, comes into effect in the UK from January 19, 2013, means that Renault UK are now studying its sales potential.

Its safety retention systems include a driver’s airbag, a three-point seatbelt and with additional strap for the driver, and a three-point safety belt at the rear. Also, since Renault Twizy's occupants are protected and held in place, they are under no requirement to wear any sort of protective gear or helmet.

With such unique looks, unsurprisingly, there are several more uncommon options and accessories than on your average four-wheeled mode of transport. Among them are scissor doors (£545), driver and passenger blanket £110 and a 50-litre leisure bag £95 which sits on the rear seat and clips into the chassis so that objects stay firmly in place. Rounding off the more traditional enhancements are metallic paint for £195, a child booster seat at £55, and alloy wheels for £340. All prices include VAT.

Renault’s unique Twizy delivers a grin-inducing driving experience, while disc brakes all-round ensure precise, efficient stopping power.

Twizy is available from £6,690 on-the-road for the Urban model with a monthly battery lease cost of £45 including VAT for a 36 month/4,500 miles per year agreement.


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