May 28, 2012

Ducati’s official Facebook page reaches milestone one-millionth 'Like'

With just weeks to go before its 'physical' fans meet-up at World Ducati Week in Misano, Italy, Ducati now celebrates an incredible one million 'Likes' on the company’s official Facebook page with a video to thank passionate 'virtual' fans of the iconic Italian
motorcycle manufacturer.

Shot from the eye-level-view of a 'fan', the innovative video records a visit to the Ducati factory in Bologna, first arriving by motorcycle and then touring the various departments and giving a Facebook-style thumbs-up to everything the fan 'Likes'. From the Ducati Design Centre to the Production Line and from Ducati Corse to Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden testing at nearby Mugello, 'thank you' is creatively communicated in 12 different languages.

Managed by Ducati’s highly successful website,, the company have used Facebook to reach out not only to its long-established European and American markets, but also to an emerging Asian Pacific, apparently full of fans who desire the premium brand’s high performance motorcycles.

Ducati Motor Holding’s official Facebook page first went 'internal' in July 2009 when kindly passed across to the Bologna-based company by Pat Loughery, a passionate fan who had first registered the page. From its initial 90,000 'Likes', it has since taken just 36 months to record its milestone one-millionth 'Like', helped along the way by 'spikes of interest' from key events, such as Carlos Checa winning the 2011 World Superbike Championship or when Valentino Rossi recently thrilled fans at the French Grand Prix.

With the company preparing to cover its massive World Ducati Week event live on Facebook June 21-24, and its one-million 'Likers' boasting a combined Facebook friendship of over 180-million, Ducati’s incredible following looks set to sky-rocket even further.

Ducati Facebook page 'Likes' per cent increase during 2012
Italy  +48 per cent (278,151)      
India  +63 per cent (113,735)      
USA  +24 per cent (89,430)
France  +48 per cent (49,353)
Malaysia  +42 per cent (37,789)        
Indonesia  +18 per cent (36,319)        
Spain  +43 per cent (29,735)        
Germany  +35 per cent (25,315)        
UK  +20 per cent (25,102)        
Mexico  +38 per cent (16,893)        
Greece  +30 per cent (16,187)        
Thailand  +92 per cent (14,742)        
Australia  +13 per cent (14,679)        
Philippines  +22 per cent (12,840)        
Colombia  +27 per cent (10,413)        
Serbia  +37 per cent (8,696)          
Belgium  +16 per cent (8,542)          
Taiwan  +55 per cent (8,365)          
Canada  +27 per cent (7,950)          
Brazil  +95 per cent (7,948)


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