June 28, 2012

Volkswagen launches international 'Think Blue. World Championship.' fuel saving game

More conscious driving can cut fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent and protect the environment. It can also be fun, as the new virtual fuel saving game from Volkswagen now available for playing via iPhone, iPad and Facebook, goes to show. The best players can
qualify for a national fuel saving competition or win a direct wildcard for the international final, the 'Think Blue. World Championship.' to be held in California.

Volkswagen is launching the app 'Think Blue. World Championship.', revealing another facet of 'Think Blue.', Volkswagen's holistic approach to sustainability. The game heightens awareness of more efficient driving and shows that all drivers can make their own personal contribution to environmental protection without sacrificing driving pleasure. The game is available for downloading from the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad users and can also be played directly on the Volkswagen Facebook page (www.facebook.com/volkswagen).

Until September 16, participants can play not just alone but also against other international players. In addition, the game trains users for the national fuel saving competitions, the 'Think Blue. Challenges.' that are to be held in many countries and will pit the best players from a country against each other. The winners of these national challenges as well as holders of a wildcard from the virtual game will all go to California for the 'Think Blue. World Championship 2012.' from November 24-28, where they will have a chance of becoming world champion.

The international finals will take the best 20 competitors from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The driver who completes the run with the lowest fuel consumption and also demonstrates his or her knowledge of environmental protection and sustainability will become world champion.

"The Volkswagen fuel saving championship shows that environmentally aware driving is just as challenging as any other driving competition – but much better for the environment. The game combines the online activation of participants with national and international events," said Luca de Meo, Head of Group Marketing and Head of Marketing, Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

"The principle of 'Think Blue.' is perfectly reflected by the game and inspires everyone to join us in making our everyday driving behavior more responsible in an exciting and entertaining way," he added.


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