August 23, 2012

Fiat India inaugurates 'Fiat & Don Bosco Experiential Skill Training Centre'

Fiat India Automobiles Ltd. in association with FGA, kick started its technical skill development program called 'Diksha', an effort to provide educational avenues and technical training for the youth of the country. Fiat India has joined hands with Donbosco Vyawasaik
Prashikshan Kendra, Pune for this initiative. The primary objective is to offer respectable livelihood to orphans, disadvantaged and poor students who otherwise are deprived of good educational facilities. The company has supported financially and intellectually to set up the skill training center at Don Bosco, Chinchwad, Pune with the name of 'Fiat & Don Bosco Experiential Skill Training Centre'.
This initiative will use the immense knowledge, concentration and training available with Fiat to offer best vocational training to the students interested in making a career in the manufacturing world. With such a refined style of vocational training the students would be skilled to work in the automobile industry. 

"We strongly feel that we need to keep pace with the changing dynamics in the world of manufacturing and it also believed that there is a need for upgradation at our vocational centres so that we can generate skilled talent tailor-made to deliver in this highly competitive sector. With this initiative we hope to deliver highly skilled and trained manpower that will cater to the automobile industry and also ensure them of a source of employment and self sustainability," said Rajeev Kapoor, CEO, Fiat India Automobiles Ltd.

Key role for Fiat India would be to support and improve the knowledge, capability, and competencies of trainers and teachers, provide company training internships for trainers and students and improve practical experience by providing its vehicles, components, workshop equipment, teaching material and also training aids. While Don Bosco will be responsible for selection of students, conducting the course and to get accreditation to all the courses from the Govt. of India and Fiat will provide on the job training at factory, in dealership net work and train the trainer program.

The Program Diksha includes courses:
a) Multi brand basic automobiles awareness for 4-wheelers: A short-term programme of four months. There will be three batches in a year and each batch will have twenty five students
b) Centre of excellence: A long-term programme of two years duration. The said programme and the syllabus shall be at par with the I.T.I. courses available in the State. No. of students per batch is twenty one students

Both the programs will have accreditation from the National Council for Vocational Training – New Delhi and joint-certification from Fiat and Don Bosco.


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