September 24, 2012

Ford of Canada announces four-year contract with CAW

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) have locked in a four-year collective bargaining agreement after employees endorsed the deal in votes.

The new contract includes new job opportunities at Ford's Canadian operations
and significant cost-savings for the company.
"By becoming more competitive in our labour costs, we are better positioned to support the growth of the Canadian economy and to provide new job opportunities," said Stacey Allerton, Vice-President of Human Resources at Ford of Canada and the company's lead labour negotiator. "For every auto job in Canada, multiple supporting jobs are created, and both the company and our employees view that opportunity and responsibility very seriously."

"At Ford, we are proud to be Canada's longest-established automaker," Allerton added. "We have employed thousands of Canadians during our 108 years here, and Ford remains committed to building a strong future in Canada."

Key to establishing a more competitive future for the Ford plants is a first-of-its-kind compensation structure for new employees in Canada.

Employees hired after will start at a lower wage than current employees and have a combination defined benefit and defined contribution pension plan. After 10 years, the employees 'grow-in' to the same pay structure as the more senior employees and earn the same wages.

Other highlights of the agreement include:
> Employees covered by the agreement receive a $3,000 signing bonus
> Cost-of-living allowances are suspended until June 6, 2016, and are replaced with a $2,000 lump sum payment in the first three years of the agreement
> Long-term care provisions are capped at $800 per month for new participants
> Prescription drug plan updated to reduce costs
> Current pension levels are maintained for all retirees
> Retirement incentives will be offered to certain employee groups to help create opportunities for laid-off employees to return to work
> Increased operational flexibility to better meet customer demand


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