January 16, 2013

Hindustan Motors Ltd. ties up with Raaj Unocal Lubricants Ltd.

Hindustan Motors Ltd. (HM) signed a MoU with Raaj Unocal Lubricants Ltd. (RULL) for the manufacture and marketing of co-branded genuine oils exclusively for HM vehicles.

The companies entered into a three-year contract to manufacture co-branded products known as
UNO HM GUARDOL (only for diesel vehicles), UNO HM GAS-O-DUO+ (for all non-diesel vehicles) and UNO AMBI DSL+. While the first two products will be made available at all HM service centres across 13 states in India, UNO AMBI DSL+ will be available only in the replacement market. This association is aimed at maximising benefits to HM customers.

"Lubricants and oils constitute the life and blood of all machines, particularly automobiles. The effective performance and longevity of our auto vehicles depend on the regular and proper use of these substances. However, the automotive domain is too well aware of the complaints about the quality of lubricants and oils. I am confident that Hindustan Motors' tie-up with Raaj Unocal Lubricants Ltd. will address this issue to a large extent. This agreement is yet another endorsement of HM's commitment to customer service," said Uttam Bose, MD & CEO, Hindustan Motors Ltd.

The tie-up will witness introduction of three genuine oil grades which will be suitable for use in all diesel, petrol and CNG-run engines of HM vehicles.

Along with all these products the taxis drivers will get the opportunity to avail of special offers such as cash-back coupons, free check-ups and discounted labour cost at service centres. These will be the most value-for-money genuine oils available in the market as of date, with uncompromising quality.

The products have been jointly developed by the R&D and quality control departments of both HM and Raaj Unocal after a thorough market survey to understand the requirements and problems of customers. The cost of production and profit-margins of all the products have been kept minimal to transfer the advantage to end-users.
As a part of this unique project, Raaj Unocal has also developed the 76 mobile lab, a mobile oil-testing kit. This kit will enable the detection of timing of oil change, thus, saving money lost due to early oil changes. The result of this test will also give an insight into the functioning of the engine, thereby, diagnosing problems at an early stage and avoiding high expenditure in repair work. The said kit is a user-friendly apparatus and can be handled by all after a simple one-hour training. Currently, the lab will be available at all service points and mass service camps. The lab successfully conducted tests on several Kolkata taxis today. Taxi owners, who were found to have used oils and lubricants effectively, were awarded. 

"These products have been designed to deliver optimum performance to the vehicles such as prolonged drainage period and increased fuel mileage. Certain complex additives and chemicals have also been used in the formulation to provide added benefits such as lower oxidation, increased viscosity index, rust protection, lower sludge formation, reduced cold starting problems, etc., which will together increase the life of the engine substantially and will result in lower maintenance costs," said Alok Rajgarhia, MD, RULL.


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