June 19, 2013

Special exhibition at the Mercedes-Benz Museum

The special exhibition 'Mercedes-Benz S-class - always ahead of its time' at the Mercedes-Benz Museum presents the history of this very superior model series in all its glory. The exhibition is to run from June 18 to November 3, 2013.

the world, the S-class from Mercedes-Benz is a byword for luxury, comfort and safety. This model series has always set standards for overall passenger car development," said Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic and Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH. "The special exhibition presents the course of development over the past 110 years and demonstrates in impressive style why the S-class is considered to be the quintessential automobile.Visitors to the Museum will be able to embark on a fascinating time trip extending from 1904 to the new S-class of 2013."

The unparalleled diversity of the luxury series from Mercedes-Benz becomes apparent in Collection room 5, where eleven impressive vehicles, a 1:1 clay model and realistic interior exhibits and wall graphics form the core of the special exhibition. The early years of the exclusive line's family tree are represented by the model 770 'Grand Mercedes' (W 07) from 1931 and the model 320 'Motorway Courier' (W 142) from 1939. The somewhat younger forebears are lined up in chronological order next to these venerable old specimens: a model 300 'Adenauer' (W 189) from 1959, a 300 SE (W 112) from 1964, a 280 SE (W 108) from 1970, a 450 SEL 6.9 (model series 116) from 1977, a 500 SEL (model series 126) from 1983, a long-wheelbase S 320 (model series 140) from 1998, an S 400 CDI (model series 220) from 2000 and an S 400 Hybrid (model series 221) from 2008.

Encounters with the S-class are not limited to Collection room 5, however. For the first time, exhibits from the permanent exhibition have been integrated into the special exhibition. Nine representatives of the 'S-class' family line the way through the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Interactive info steles in the various Legend rooms establish the respective links to the special exhibition. One such exhibit to be found en route through the Museum is the Mercedes Simplex 60 hp in Legend room 2, which goes right back to 1904. The comfortable 'touring saloon' was once owned by businessman Emil Jellinek - father of Mercedes Jellinek, from whom the 'Mercedes' brand took its name. The 'S' was not actually incorporated into the designation for the luxury saloons from Mercedes-Benz until 1972, when model series 116, setting new standards in design, comfort and safety, was officially referred to as the 'S-class' for the first time. The last S-class of the current model series rolled-off the production line at the Sindelfingen plant on June 3, 2013 and proceeded directly to the Museum: the S 500 4-Matic is on show in the entrance area.

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