July 01, 2013

One-millionth Ford vehicle sold in Russia

Ford Sollers announced that the one-millionth Ford vehicle sold to a Russian customer since Ford re-entered the market in the mid-1990s - a Ford Focus.

"We are very grateful for our Russian customers' trust and loyalty to Ford vehicles since Ford
re-entered the market in the modern era," said Ted Cannis, CEO and the President of Ford Sollers. "And, the strong Ford Focus sales results show that this model is the one of the most beloved in Russia and the world."

The one-millionth vehicle was built at the Ford Sollers assembly plant near St. Petersburg, and is one of 600,000 Ford Focus cars to have been bought by Russian customers.

"We continue to deliver the products that our customers want and value throughout the globe, creating a better world and driving profitable growth," Cannis added further. "Russia is on its way to being the largest market in Europe and presents an enormous opportunity for growth."


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