August 09, 2013

Daimler appoints Heiko Gaiser as the new Head of Worldwide Transport Logistics

Heiko Gaiser is the new Head of Worldwide Transport Logistics Passenger Cars, Trucks, Vans and Buses. He is responsible for the Daimler transport networks, and in particular for planning and procurement.

He succeeds Dr. Holger Scherr, who has
taken over supplier management at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Worth.

Dr. Holger Scherr had been Head of Worldwide Transport Logistics since 2009.

In collaboration with the Group partners, Heiko Gaiser is responsible for the Daimler transport networks and in particular for the planning and procurement of transport services. The transport demands of all Daimler divisions are integrated into shared networks covered by all transport modes from road to rail, air and sea. Responsibilities not only include the procurement of transport services but also the planning and conceptual development of the transport networks in order to safeguard the key supply chain functions - with regard to both the supply of production materials and the distribution of vehicles and spare parts.

Heiko Gaiser been with Daimler since 1995 and has established an expertise in procurement and logistics during his time with the company. Following spells in operational and strategic procurement and in cost planning, he switched to logistics planning. Heiko Gaiser recently established a cross-plant logistics supplier management system at Mercedes-Benz Cars.


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