October 22, 2013

CCM to debut production ready GP450cc Adventure bike at NEC Motorcycle Live

Following a program of successful customer rides, Bolton based motorcycle manufacturer CCM is set to reveal the production ready GP450 Adventure at this year's Motorcycle Live.

Designed and built in the UK, the new GP450 is unique in being the only mid-range adventure
bike geared up for long distance travel straight out of the crate. The bike boasts a long-range tank, a durable 30 kw engine previously seen in the BMW G450 and a host of accessories, including a soft-luggage and hard luggage option and a low-seat, low suspension option.

The bike is expected to appeal to riders wanting something more manageable off-road than the large capacity adventure bikes made popular by the exploits of Ewan McGreggor and Charlie Boreman in their Long Way Round series. The low seat option and light weight of only 135 kg is also expected to make the GP450 a hit with female riders, as well as those craving more off-road ability from their adventure bike whilst visiting the unmarked terrain of places like Morocco, Pyrenees or the Swiss Alps.

"For a long time the trend in the adventure sector has been for the bikes to get bigger and heavier year on year. We saw that not everyone wants that and so have designed and built an adventure bike that can be used and ridden in difficult conditions without the fear of dropping it and not being able to pick it up. It will also cruise on the motorway and even prove ideal on the daily commute," said Director of CCM Austin Clews.

"We really listened to what people had to say about the seat height and the luggage system, going back to the drawing board and redesigning things if necessary. It’s a unique approach we’ve taken with the design and build of this bike and we really hope the pay-off is a bike that will appeal to those riders currently frustrated by the choice of bikes available to them."

The GP450 Adventure is set to cost £7,995, a price that is great value when taking into consideration the quality OEM equipment fitted as standard.


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