October 30, 2013

W Motors unveils most exclusive and advanced Arabian Hypercar 'Lykan HyperSport 2014' at the DIMS

W Motors S.A.L has been diligently working to launch its first Arabian Hypercar Production, the 'Lykan HyperSport 2014', touted as the most luxurious, exclusive and technologically advanced hypercar in the world. The company is representing the Arab
world as the first Arabian manufacturer of hypercars and will officially mark the world debut of the 'Lykan HyperSport 2014' (pre-production running car), an exterior prototype of the 'Lykan HyperSport' (special W Motors Blue color) and the world premiere of the design of the 2015 SuperSport model at the Dubai International Motor Show.

The most anticipated sports car of the year, the Arabian Hypercar, will be exhibited at the Dubai World Trade Center (Stand SSA10) between the November 5-9 as part of the Dubai International Motor Show.

Speaking out on the $3.4-million 'Lykan', the CEO of W Motors Ralph R Debbas said, "This is history in the making, the most exclusive and advanced Arabian Hypercar the world will ever see, simply a modern machine with a touch of humanity."


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