November 18, 2013

Bike Trac - First motorcycle device to get Thatcham 6 & 7 rating

Bike Trac, the renowned motorcycle tracking device from Road Angel Group, has made history by becoming the first device of its kind specifically for a motorcycle to be awarded Thatcham Category 7 status, whilst already rated as a Category 6 device.

Widely acknowledged
as the most comprehensively equipped motorcycle tracking device on the market, due to an abundance of user friendly features, the latest rating from the industry security experts puts Bike Trac firmly ahead of its competitors.

"Naturally we're delighted to be awarded this rating, especially as no other bike specific product has both ratings. Category 6 is something we've been proud of since the launch of Bike Trac some four years ago as it credits us as a proven and recognised tracking system. However, having Category 7 means we're now proven for location too, which sounds obvious but is only possible due to the technology that Bike Trac integrates. Crucially because our units have GPS, GPRS, GSM  and RF, we can track and locate in virtually any set of circumstances," said Bike Trac's Bill Taylor.

"As well as striving to offer enhanced security, we believe that a tracking device should offer more user friendly features. With Bike Trac almost everything can be assessed remotely online and notifications are via text message, email and if stolen, via our call centre too. For day-to-day use the system will let you know if your battery voltage drops before it gets too low, which the user can adjust the threshold of. Customers can view their recent rides online and download to share and even select a function that will text a loved one should they be involved in an accident. Presently no other tracking device offers so much," Taylor added.

Bike Trac is a small and discreet device that can be fitted to any motorcycle, and even machines without a battery. It has a recommended retail price of £299 plus first year subscription of £99. Options on two and three years are available too.


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