November 26, 2013

Zipcar offers new monthly membership plan

Zipcar, Inc. announced a new plan that gives members the option to pay for membership on a monthly basis for its 'wheels when you want them' service. Based on strong and positive feedback from two test cities, Zipcar is now rolling out the option to nearly all US and Canadian
Zipcar markets.

"A hallmark of our experience has always been flexibility - from the variety of our vehicles to multiple usage plans designed to fit our members' needs. The new monthly membership plan is an extension of this commitment, and a great fit for our members' who are accustomed to paying monthly for other services from mobile phones to gyms," said Brian Harrington, Zipcar Chief Marketing Officer. "This also lowers the up-front cost to join, making it even easier for new members to get behind the wheel and experience what Zipcar is all about."

The new membership plan costs $6 per month (plus the standard $25 application fee for new members).  Existing Zipcar members will be able to switch to the new monthly plan on their yearly renewal date if desired. Membership allows complete access to Zipcar's global network of more than 10,000 vehicles including 30 makes and models ranging from the Honda Insight hybrid, to utility vehicles like the Ford Escape and Ford E-150 cargo vans, to luxury vehicles such as the BMW 3-series and Audi Q5.

The monthly membership plan is ideal for members who use Zipcar frequently but prefer paying monthly vs. annually or would like Zipcar as a ready-to-drive option but aren't sure how frequently they'll need a car.  Standard usage rates apply, starting at $8.25 per hour or $74 per day.

All Zipcar hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance and up to 180 miles/200 kilometers per day, and parking in a reserved spot. Vehicles can be reserved for as short as an hour or for multiple days.


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