February 06, 2014

Piaggio displays its technological and design capability at Auto Expo

Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited (PVPL) - the Piaggio Group's wholly owned Indian subsidiary - is exhibiting a wide range of superbikes, motorcycles, scooters and commercial vehicles - Vespa S, Vespa 946, Piaggio Liberty, Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring, Aprilia
RSV4 and NT3 - to showcase its impressive technological and design capability at Auto Expo in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

PVPL opened up a whole new premium space in the Indian scooter category with the launch of the iconic Vespa two years ago. The Vespa - the world's first and still today most famous scooter, an extraordinary example of Italian creativity and technology - has been triumphant in meeting the aspirational needs of India's lifestyle- and brand-conscious consumers. Having created this new segment, Piaggio is now preparing to expand its operations on the Indian two-wheeler market with more offerings from the Vespa stable.

The Vespa S will be the next model to debuton the Indian market. This scooter embodies the heritage of the legendary models from the 1970s, offering a trip down memory lane. The Vespa S is the most sporty and youthful Vespa, whose clean, essential lines express a dynamic and lively character. Minimalist designis the hallmark of this 2-wheeler, to win the approval of the youngest enthusiasts. The square headlight, the more decisive design of the mudguards and the shape of the saddle are the distinguishing features of the Vespa S.

The Vespa 946 launched in 2013 is a splendid example of continuous reinvention in a process of constant evolution.This is the most luxurious, widely admired and technologically advanced model ever created. A handcrafted work of fine 'Renaissance Art' on the one hand, a masterpiece built with the cutting-edge technologies of the 21st Century on the other, the Vespa 946 is the ultimate in luxury, the essence of fashion, style and design! The Vespa 946 is made to measure. For man. For the universe.

The Piaggio Liberty is one of the world's most popular scooters, a record-breaking bestseller on Western markets. The number of Piaggio Liberty scooters sold worldwide to date is rapidly approaching one-million. A large-wheel scooter available in a wide variety of models, the Liberty could open yet another revolutionary segment in the Indian scooter market. Equipped with a 125 cc 3V engine and large high wheels, it offers excellent fuel efficiency and superior riding comfort in all road conditions.

The California 1400 Touring redefines the luxury bike concept, and marks a turning point in Moto Guzzi history with its innovation and style.

The Aprilia RSV4 R ABS is the ultimate racing machine, the best a motorcyclist can aspire to in the super-sports bike segment. The RSV4 has won five Superbike world championship titles in the last four seasons. There is no bike more competitive, more advanced, more sophisticated and more effective than this.

At Auto Expo, the Piaggio Group is also showing the prototype of an innovative vehicle, the Piaggio NT3, the symbol of the Group's R&D and design work on future product ranges delivering ideal solutions for future consumer needs. Four wheels, three seats with the driver placed in a forward central seat, the Piaggio NT3 prototype is a tangible demonstration of the advanced level of Piaggio Group R&D in light 4-wheelers, a topic of particular interest in India today. The NT3 prototype is powered by a 230 cc or 350 gasoline engine, and has also been developed in a 350 cc hybrid version. All the models offer particularly interesting features for urban and metropolitan environments, with a special focus on eco-sustainability - 80 km/h, up to 33 km to the liter and up to 70 g CO2/km are benchmark values, not only in Europe but also in the heavily populated areas of India and Asia.


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