March 03, 2014

General Motors' US dealers delivered 222,104 vehicles in February

General Motors Co. dealers delivered 222,104 vehicles in the United States in February 2014. Total sales were down one per cent compared with a year ago, beating outside expectations. Retail and fleet sales were both down one per cent. GM increased its sales
from January 2014 by 30 per cent, more than 10 percentage points better than the industry as a whole.

"Weather continued to impact the industry in February, but GM sales started to thaw during the Winter Olympic Games as our brand and marketing messages took hold," said Kurt McNeil, US Vice-President of Sales Operations. "Car and crossover sales were particularly strong at Buick and Chevrolet, and we continue to have a strong mix of pickup sales."

"Despite a slower start to 2014 than most people expected, we look forward to a very successful year, backed by plenty of new products and what should be the strongest GDP growth since the end of the recession."


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