March 19, 2014

New Managing Director joins Daimler FleetBoard GmbH

On April 1, 2014, Dietrich Muller is set to take over as the new Managing Director of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH, the leading provider of telematics-based Internet services for commercial vehicles. The previous Managing Director, Dr. Ralf Forcher, will in the future
be taking on duties as part of the Pension Review Committee of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH, and will continue to be responsible for the Mercedes-Benz Trucks order processing center of Daimler AG. Dietrich Muller was previously Head of Product and Marketing Management at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

"I am extremely pleased that Dietrich Muller will take over the position of Managing Director of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH. I have no doubt that he will continue to push forward with the effective further development of successful FleetBoard products for our customers. This ensures that Daimler FleetBoard GmbH will continue to be managed by a commercial vehicle expert," said Forcher.

As a qualified industrial engineer, Muller joined Daimler AG in the year 2000. In his previous position as Head of Product and Marketing Management at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, he was specifically responsible for the introduction of the new Actros, Antos, and Arocs truck model series. He made a significant contribution to combining and forging ahead with the marketing of both Mercedes-Benz Trucks and FleetBoard.

"We want to further strengthen the position of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH as the leading telematics provider in the commercial vehicle sector and to establish it throughout Europe. The main thing here is to maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers so that we can meet their needs as well as possible," said Dietrich Muller.


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