May 22, 2014

Volvo Cars collaborates with Swedish superstar Robyn

Following its collaboration with Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Volvo Cars is now announce it is joining forces with another Swedish superstar Robyn. The female music artist will star in the second chapter of Volvo Cars' 'Made by Sweden' campaign,
driving a Volvo V60 powered by the company's new Drive-E powertrains.

The new campaign with Robyn will explore Sweden from her point of view in Los Angeles and focus on the company's commitment to the environment, among other things via the company's new Drive-E engine family. As such, the campaign communicates a strong, multi-faceted brand message from Volvo Cars, which delivers almost half of its non-fleet sales to female customers.

"I like Volvo, and I like what the company and the brand stands for," said Robyn. "For instance, Volvo is a Swedish company that invented the three-point safety belt, but didn't patent it because they knew that would mean fewer people could use a safer belt. I like things like that. This campaign promotes a wide-reaching environmental project, and after a lot of research I realized it can really make a difference."

"Working with Robyn has been a great experience," added Per Carleo, Marketing Communications Manager at Volvo Cars Sweden and responsible for the coordination of the 'Made by Sweden' campaign. "What impressed me is the thorough due diligence she did before committing to this campaign. I spent several hours with Robyn discussing our environmental commitment as a company, while she also spoke with several other environmental specialists. She takes this very seriously."


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