May 24, 2014

Volvo Trucks launches 'Truck of the Future 2050' design competition

To celebrate the historic landmark of the 200,000th Volvo truck to be registered in the UK since the company began trading here in 1967, Volvo Trucks has announced a very special design competition to attract the truck designers and engineers of the future of road

This exciting and challenging design competition, which is open to individuals of all ages and from all walks of life, is called 'Volvo Trucks: Truck of the Future 2050'.

What will the truck of the future look like? That will of course depend on the future demands of society. Transport responds to the needs of society and the infrastructure available to move goods and materials around.

The 'Volvo Trucks: Truck of the Future 2050' design competition offers the opportunity for anyone, whatever their age or background, to have some fun trying to predict what the truck of thirty-six years hence will look like and how truck design may have to respond to the infrastructure of the future. Anyone can enter and send in creative designs that they think will address the question of how trucks could be used in society in the year 2050.

The individual winners will go on a once-in-a-lifetime visit to meet the Volvo Trucks Design Team in Gothenburg, where they will see their entries displayed in the Design Studio.

"The winning designs will demonstrate creative thinking that will help the Volvo truck driver and operator more than three decades from now, work productively, economically and safely with all other road users. We are very, very keen to encourage children, young adults and students to take part in what will be a fun competition," said Arne Knaben, MD, Volvo Trucks.

"There is no doubt that truck designers over thirty years from now will quite possibly need to take account of many changes in how we transport goods by road. It could be that these will be driven by changes in the way we live, possibly as a result of climate change, for example," he further added.

"All we know now, is that, in common with the world today, the Volvo truck designers of the future will need to design vehicles that respond to society's and infrastructure demands in the best way they can. It's an exciting challenge for entrants to the 'Volvo Trucks: Truck of the Future 2050' design competition and we are really looking forward to seeing some fantastic, creative and bold designs and meeting the winners."

Entrants to the 'Truck of the Future 2050' competition are invited to submit their designs via the Volvo Trucks special website:

There are three age related entry classes: a) up to 11 years old, b) 11 to 18 years and c) over 18, but there will be only one winner per category.

Closing date is October 3, 2014. In addition to design visuals, each entry must also include a brief explanation of the thinking behind its features. The designs must be for a long-haul or regional distribution truck, configured for the UK road transport industry, as they see it might be, in thirty-six years' time. All entries must include sketches of the cab interior as well as the vehicle's exterior. The winners will be announced by October 10, 2014 and there will be a UK-based prize giving ceremony, the date of which is to be confirmed. It is planned that the winners will visit Gothenburg during the week beginning December 15, 2014.

Prizes are in two parts. The three individual winners, plus a parent or guardian for the children and young student categories, will be invited, as guests of Volvo Trucks to take part in a prize-giving presentation in the UK. This will take place in the autumn. Each of the three category winners, accompanied by a parent or guardian (if under 18), will then be taken on the trip of a lifetime visit to meet the Volvo Trucks Design Team in Gothenburg.


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