June 09, 2014

Now ride with helmets with NASA's space technology material

So far you have seen only astronauts wearing NASA technology driven helmets and their suits, helping them to maintain the body temperature. The good news is that you can also get a similar helmet in India (to begin with in Bangalore) which is a combination of NASA
technology material. Soon to be marketed across India the new innovation is known as Ares. Ares to first enter the IT capital of India Bangalore followed by other cities with a clear cut mission to meet the aspirations of millions of engineers and technocrats who love to ride two wheeler.

"Bangalore is the IT capital of India and third most populous city and due to this there is a wide acceptance of Technology. No city, perhaps, exemplifies India's growth potential better than Bangalore. The city, appropriately called the 'science and technology capital of India' so, keeping all in mind Steelbird has focus on Bangalore to launch its latest Revolutionary product 'Ares', first-of-its-kind Helmet brand manufactured by applying NASA technology," said Shailendra Jain, Head Sales & Marketing, Ares Helmets.

In India Ares will be marketed by Steelbird.


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