June 19, 2014

Rainforest Challenge India 2014 all set to vroom in Goa

The first edition of the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) India will be held in Goa from August 8-14, 2014. With participants signing up from all over India and the world.

RFC is counted among the top 10 toughest motor races in the world. Adapted from the mother event that
was launched in Malaysia in 1997, RFC India 2014 will see off-road enthusiasts and 4x4 vehicle owners negotiate a 250 km stretch from North to South Goa, battling the forces of nature and the blinding rain.

Spread over six days, RFC India 2014 will be divided into four stages - Prologue, Predator, Terminator and Twilight Zone. The Prologue stage is proposed to be held close to town where competitors can interact with viewers. In the Predator and Terminator stages, competitors will have to fend for themselves while traversing the rugged terrain.The event will culminate with the Twilight Zone which will be an overnight drive through uncharted territory. The winning entry at RFC India will get a direct entry into the mother event that will be held in Malaysia late this year.

"We have participants of all ages participating in the launch edition of RFC India. It is very inspiring to see people from all age groups come out and participate in an international event of this stature," said Ashish Gupta, Founder Director, Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd.


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