June 18, 2014

Skoda launches new 2014 Bicycle Range – broadest and best collection ever

Skoda's model campaign continues through the expansion of the brand's range of bicycles - Skoda's 2014 bicycle range now has three new additions. The selection ranges from junior bikes, mountain bikes and trekking bikes to an electric bike. The new additions to this
year's collection include two 27.5-inch mountain bikes and the 'Lady' mountain bike, especially designed for women.

"Skoda has a long-standing tradition in two-wheel mobility," said Werner Eichhorn, Skoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing. "The history of the company began 119 years ago with the construction of the first bicycles. Our latest bike collection is the most extensive that Skoda has ever offered." The current range combines the most advanced bicycle technology with the slickest designs.

Two high-tech racing bikes form the pinnacle of Skoda's new bicycle range. The top model, the 'Skoda Road Elite' weighs in at only 7.9 kg. The frame and forks are made of carbon, incorporating Shimano Ultegra components. The racing bike 'Skoda Road' with an aluminium frame, carbon forks and components from the Shimano-105 line is also extremely light, coming in at 8.5 kg.

The Czech brand's range of mountain bikes has grown from three to seven models. The top model is still the 11.7 kg, lightweight 'Skoda MTB 29 Elite' model with a carbon frame and Shimano XT & SLX components. The 'Skoda MTB 27 Elite' is a brand new addition to the range, weighing in at only 10.5 kg, and also featuring a carbon frame with Shimano elements. The 'Skoda MTB 29+' stands out with its aluminium frame and weighs in at 13.2 kg. Using the same technology, but featuring 27-inch wheels, the 11.4 kg 'Skoda MTB 27+' is now available for the first time.

For cyclists who are not looking to ride over rough terrain, but still love the look and feel of a cutting-edge mountain bike, there are the 'Skoda MTB 29' and 'Skoda MTB 27' models. The wheels feature aluminium frames, front fork suspension, Shimano Acera, Alivio and Deore components and a 27 gears. This is also the first season Skoda has brought out a mountain bike specifically designed for women - the 'Skoda MTB Lady'. Its fantastic design and custom frame shape really set this bike apart. The technology and other features are identical to the 'Skoda MTB 27'.

After its premiere last year, the electric bike 'Green E Line' is also part of this season's Skoda collection. The 21.7 kg lightweight model is constructed as a 'Pedelec' (pedal electric cycle). With this type of E-Bike, the motor is engaged, providing peddling assistance when you step on the pedal. Depending on the setting, the motor will add an additional 35, 75, 150 or 300 per cent to the force you exert on the pedal. For licencing and insurance purposes, the motor will support a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

The brand's BionX E-Motor, integrated into the rear wheel hub provides 250 W, with a range of up to 105 km. The battery will last up to four hours - the powertrain is equipped with recuperation technology, saving the energy expended when breaking or rolling and transferring it back to the motor. The battery mounted into the frame weighs a mere 2.6 kg. In just a few simple steps, the E-Bike can be converted into a normal trekking bike by exchanging the rear wheel. The battery is easily removed.

The trekking bike 'Skoda Cross' is a versatile crossover model. With its fresh design, solid technology and weighing in at 13.5 kg, the model is at home both on roads and forest trails alike. The new bicycle collection is rounded off with three fantastic kids' and junior bikes. The junior range consists of the 'Skoda Racing 24' and the 'Skoda Racing 20' with smaller frame sizes and wheels of 24-inch and 20-inch respectively. For the youngest cyclists, there is also the children's bike 'Skoda Kid'.

In addition to the wide selection of bicycles, the new Skoda collection offers a broad range of cycling gear for adults and children, including jerseys, shorts, gloves and helmets, as well as other handy cycling accessories, such as water bottles and sunglasses.


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