June 11, 2014

Toyota offers customisation fun for kids of all ages with Camatte Sport Concept

Kids - and grown-ups - who love design and finding out how things work will find plenty to entertain them in the latest development of the Toyota Camatte, a car designed for all ages to drive and enjoy.

The Camatte returns to the International Tokyo Toy Show for the third
year with a new Sport version on display in the Toyota Design Lab. Visitors of all ages are invited to create their own colourful digital designs and see them reproduced on the car by a mass of LEDs across the bonnet.

Those more interested in the car's nuts-and-bolts qualities can learn about how the car is constructed and the functions of its working parts in a stripped-down model featured in Toyota's Tech Lab.

Camatte has been created to help inspire the drivers of the future and show them how car design and engineering can be rewarding and fun.


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