July 24, 2014

Ares launches new flip up helmet for professional bikers

Ares flip up helmet is a revolutionary new high-end helmet especially for professionals and passionate bikers with unique features. The helmet designed in Italy by highly trained professional, produced using innovation technologies and high-tech machines, very high
impact strength shell, high density of EPS to absorb the impact, imported, unbreakable visors in different colors, unique visor locking system to ensure safety in case of accident and single push user friendly button to open the helmet; will be well accepted in the market.

"This move is a gift for Biking passionate as they will be able to have a feel of an uncompromised biking experience with these sturdy helmets," said Rajeev Kapur, MD, Ares Helmets.

The helmet has a single button flip up helmet. A special feature of Visor locking system is also there in Ares flip up helmet. Thus, the buckle used in the helmets is of European standard and is equipped with a metal to metal locking system ensuring more safety to the rider. Moreover, Phase change technology is optional in this helmet.

Flip up helmet range starts from Rs. 2,999-3,999 and helmet will be available in different models Stroke, Skull, Denim, Devil.


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