September 24, 2014

Hyundai Motor unveils its first multi-purpose LCV for the European market

Hyundai Motor Company revealed the H350 and H350 passenger bus, its first light commercial vehicle (LCV) designed specifically for the European market. An efficient, safe and stylish vehicle, the H350 provides a versatile, practical and convenient option for commercial
vehicle users.

H350 is set on a flexible platform that can support three body styles, cargo van, passenger bus and flatbed truck - strengthening the company's European vehicle line-up, entering the light commercial vehicle segment and targeting new customers in Europe.

Hyundai's LCV engineers focused on six key areas during the development of H350; efficiency, value, loading capacity, safety, reliability and performance. H350 was benchmarked against its major rivals from the major premium European commercial vehicle manufacturers, ensuring the user experience compared favorably with vehicles in its sector.

H350 furthers the modern Hyundai family aesthetic demonstrated by its passenger cars, featuring distinctive and aerodynamic design. Responsive yet predictable handling combines with a comfortable and stable ride, offering drivers car-like characteristics and high levels of refinement.

Use of advanced high-strength steel and advanced chassis engineering has enabled Hyundai to ensure H350 benefits from a strong bodyshell, complementing the sophisticated safety features to provide class-leading crashworthiness. Hyundai demonstrates the democratisation of technologies from its passenger cars to its commercial vehicles with H350, offering premium levels of comfort and conveniences.

The H350 has been designed as a rugged and reliable work tool, yet it is stylish and refined enough to operate as a comfortable mode of personal transport for friends and family too. This breadth of capabilities ensures H350 delivers a rewarding ownership experience, giving business and private users the flexibility they need to succeed.

Powerful and efficient turbo diesel engines, matched to a 6-speed manual transmission, provide plentiful torque to ensure H350 is capable of carrying heavy cargo (up to 1.4-tonnes) in its load bay (3780x1795x1955 mm) with ease, while also offering the capacity to transport an additional 2.5-tonnes load due to its towing capability.


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