December 24, 2014

Scania supplies 100,000th truck with activated connectivity

In December Scania supplied its 100,000th truck with activated connectivity, which means that the owner as well as Scania's workshops receive regular updates on the trucks' performance. This feature is included as standard in many European markets and in a number
of major markets in Asia and Africa.

The 100,000th vehicle since it all started in 2011 was delivered to Emil Eggers AG, a haulier that has long been drawing the full benefit of these services.

"This development has now taken off properly," said Mattias Lundholm, Head of Scania Connected Services and Solutions. "These services have been available in the market for a few years now, and we have reached the critical mass needed to leverage the development. Currently 95 per cent of our customers accept the offer to activate connectivity; our target of 100 per cent is definitely within reach."

All Scania customers in the markets in question are able to connect their vehicles to their own offices and to Scania's workshops, through a basic package that is free of charge. Remote Diagnostics and Driver Coaching are by far the most-used services. When customers request it, Scania's workshops can access and read a truck's status with regard to a number of parameters that are important.


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