February 12, 2015

Renault to hire 1,000 people on fixed-term contracts in France in 2015

Renault confirms the commitment made on 13 March, 2013 upon signing the 'Contract for a new dynamic of growth and social development for Renault in France' by hiring new employees. Due to the competitiveness agreement's effects, in addition to a promising
level of activity, Renault is preparing for the future by strengthening its human resources.

"These hires will enable us to benefit from all the specific skills required to meet the challenges of the future, in particular in the area of technological innovation. These hires are good news for Renault in France. They show that our efforts to promote competitiveness are bearing fruit," said Carlos Ghosn, Chairman & CEO, Renault Group.

The hiring campaign will focus on targeted businesses related to industrial projects and technological challenges over the next few years in France: autonomous and connected vehicles, alternative energies, etc.
Half of the employees hired in 2015 will work in Renault plants, with the other half working in other positions, in particular engineering. They will cover all professional categories (workers, technicians, engineers and executives) and are aimed at young graduates and experienced candidates alike. The Renault group will also endeavour to hire a large number of women, thereby confirming its commitment to gender diversity.

Moreover, the company will continue its efforts regarding the employment of seniors in accordance with the agreement for 'the promotion of the employment of young people and seniors and intergenerational solidarity', signed in December 2013. In addition, the Group will continue its proactive policy to develop the professional skills of young people, with 1,000 new apprenticeship contracts in 2015.


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