April 20, 2015

Land Rover celebrates production of its 6,000,00th vehicle

Land Rover is celebrating the production of its landmark 6,000,000th vehicle by giving it a unique design feature.

The completion of a Yulong White Range Rover LWB Vogue SE saw Land Rover hit the manufacturing milestone and the 6,000,000th
vehicle has been fitted with a bespoke puddle lamp graphic to signify its unique status.

The illuminated graphic, which is the width of a grain of rice, is projected through a magnifying lens onto the ground every time the vehicle is unlocked in an image which is 80 cm in diameter.This same graphic was projected on to the wall of the Solihull manufacturing facility to mark the moment when the 6,000,000th vehicle rolled-off the production line.

"For 67 years Land Rover has been building the world's most capable all-purpose vehicles.  Over this period, a range of ground-breaking innovations and technologies have blended great design, refinement and unmatched all-terrain capability," said Andy Goss, Director, Group Sales Operations, Jaguar Land Rover.


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