May 12, 2015

Be a daredevil, earn your wings and celebrate with Ben

Ben announce that as part of its 110th birthday celebrations on July 19, 2015 it is planning to raise the pulse of 110 daredevils during a birthday 'Skydive' event taking place at various centres across the UK.

Participate in this ultimate challenge, become part of Ben's
history by jumping from a plane at the dizzy heights of at least 10,000 ft. Experience the exhilarating feeling of falling through the air at speeds up to 120 mph securely strapped to an instructor then as the parachute opens at 5,000 ft, feel the sensation of floating back down to earth.

Throughout May, there are various registration discounts on offer. As well as a booking a place in this adrenaline fuelled event, Ben will support entrants with help setting up Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving sites and even provide a bag of goodies. In return, the high-fliers will be asked to pledge to raise £400 sponsorship for the charity which will go towards helping those in the automotive industry facing day-to-day life challenges. 

"This year we are taking Ben Birthday bash to another level, actually 10,000 ft up. Last year our birthday celebrations were low key and this year we want to raise the bar and create something special, after all you only turn 110 once! Having experienced skydiving myself, it is something I think everyone should do at least once. And what better time to do it than with the added encouragement of knowing you are raising funds for a worthy cause - your own industry charity and celebrating its birthday!" said Bekki Chandler, Ben's Events Executive.


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