February 29, 2012

French Police reduce crime rate by 12 per cent during T3 vehicle trials

As part of a nationwide campaign to reduce crime, T3 Motion ESVs were recently tested by various police departments and municipalities throughout France to determine their viability as an alternative and enhancement to foot patrols. The trial, which
began in July 2011, included accumulated GPS data from foot patrols over a number of months prior to commencing the three-month test period with the T3 ESVs. During this time, French officials were given the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the T3 electric standup vehicles as they relate to community policing. The trials were carried out and managed by both the National and Municipal Police on the West Coast of France, with assistance from T3 Motion's French distributor, Feel Green.

At the end of the test period, accumulated data indicated that the use of the T3 ESVs resulted in greater coverage of patrol areas, with some departments showing an increase of over 230 per cent. Prior to the trials GPS data showed that, on average, foot patrols covered 89 patrols from Point A back to Point A over a set period of time. During the trial period, with the same number of officers using the T3 ESVs, the patrols increased to 220.

The Ouest-France newspaper reported that T3 ESVs were used to increase the number of law enforcement patrols deployed in Nantes to prevent shoplifting, noise complaints, and drug possession. A significant impact on the reduction of crime has been attributed to the vehicles, with twenty-three arrests for drug possession during the summer season alone. The newspaper also reported that the Chief of Police from the Western Region National Police was impressed by the T3's adaptability in urban areas, and the resulting heightened communication between police and citizens.

According to Feel Green's Yannick Simon, use of the T3 Motion ESV has reduced the incidence of violence and petty crime by approximately 12 per cent overall. He adds that the vehicles have been positively received by both the public and police personnel. While some officers were initially resistant to riding the vehicles, they were soon sold on the concept. As T3 Motion Vice-President of Global Sales Noel Cherowbrier pointed out, gaining the acceptance of the end user (in this case, the police officer in the field) is the most important step in demonstrating the clear operational benefits to the authorities and public alike.
The T3-series ESV is an all-electric, zero-emissions, green vehicle that was designed specifically for Law Enforcement and is capable of traveling up to 20 mph for patrolling and rapid response. The vehicle features a three-wheel design and low center of gravity that provides enhanced stability for easy operation. Unlike most electric vehicles, the T3 ESV is equipped with two swappable power modules for convenience and range, and can be deployed 24-hours a day with no downtime for recharging.


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