March 28, 2012

Ford ‘Speed Limiter’ provides peace of mind through the safety cameras

Horsepower, precision handling and advance technology may stir the passions of car buyers, but with the number of speed cameras increasing across Europe, a Ford feature that allows drivers to
limit their top speed has become an unlikely favourite. 

Ford’s Adjustable Speed Limiter enables drivers to set a maximum speed in order to reduce the risk of speeding fines or bans through inadvertently exceeding the legal limit.

More than 220,000 Ford cars equipped with this technology were sold in 2011, outstripping other driver assistance features in the Ford range. In the UK alone, 20 percent of customers enjoyed the benefits of the speed limiter device.

“At the press of a button this technology helps you to limit the speed of your vehicle,” said Dr. Torsten Wey, Technology Supervisor, Ford of Europe. “It only takes a momentary lapse of concentration to exceed the speed limit which is why the Ford Adjustable Speed Limiter technology gives drivers so much peace of mind.”

Adjustable Speed Limiter, introduced in 2010, enables drivers to set a top speed of anywhere between 10mph and the legal limit. Exceeding the self-selected limit results in a reduction of the fuel supply to the engine and the vehicle slowing down.

There are an estimated 35,000 safety cameras throughout Europe. One in five motorists in the UK alone has been caught by safety cameras since 1996. During 2008 and 2009, UK safety cameras generated £87-million in fines.

“Adjustable Speed Limiter is now available on the majority of cars we produce and the demand proves just how valued it is,” Wey added. “If you set a maximum speed you don’t have to constantly look at the speedometer.”

Further Ford models featuring Adjustable Speed Limiter include Galaxy, Focus, C-Max and Grand C-Max.

How it works
> The driver activates the system by using switches on the steering wheel
> The speed limit can be raised or lowered by 3 mph increments
> The system works by smoothly limiting fuel supply to the engine when the pre-set speed limit is reached
> If speed increases because of a steep gradient, audio and visuals warnings are given
> If the driver needs to overtake a vehicle, the system can be temporarily over-ridden by pressing the accelerator firmly


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